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Fall 2019 : Writing, Recording, Performing

This fall has been PACKED with songwriting & singing. First, I've been working with a songwriting team to write songs specifically for Film & TV placements, and that has been a very stretching experience. The shows we are writing for are asking for genres and themes that are outside of what I usually write and sing, so I have had to listen to, and analyze styles that I normally wouldn't. This has been difficult, but I also feel like it has improved my versatility and even the way I listen to music.

Since the songs we're writing are outside of the genre I sing in, it's sucked that I have co-written some songs I absolutely love, but have had to find other people to actually record them! But, that's the biz, I guess.

I have been in the recording studio to lay down a lead vocal on another project out of Love & Laughter Studios, and some gospel style background vocals on another song for the same project. It has been a while since I've done that kind of thing, and it just reminds me how much I love interpreting and singing songs, and singing with other people. Recording vocals is one of my favorite creative experiences, because there are so many possibilities and so many variations and ways to highlight and uplift a song using vocal interpretation and background vocal arrangements.

The last thing that has really been the icing on my artistic cake this fall was performing in the Barley Acoustic Showcase at the Barley & Vines Festival in Yorba Linda on Nov.9th. It was run by Inspired Vibe Events and Yellowbird Entertainment, and we got such a great response from the people who were there! It's so rewarding to sing and see people stop and listen for the whole set, take out their phones and record, and ask afterwards if they can follow me on Spotify or Instagram. My performing has been quite sparse the past few years, so it feels good to get back in the saddle and remember why I love it.

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